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Ermoupoli - the capital of Syros Island

yros lies in the middle of the Cyclades between Kythnos and Tinos. It has an area of 86 sq. km., a coastline of 87 km., and a population in excess of 20,000. Close to Piraeus (the trip by ferry takes only 4 hours), Syros is connected by ferry with Rafina, Tinos, Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Ios, Santorini, and other Cycladic islands.It is also connected with Athens by plane. View from the Jesuit Monastery
Marble figurine of a harpist
yros like the other Cycladic islands was inhabited from the early prehistoric times. Excavations have brought to light finds of importance which have been a great help in the study of this ancient civilisation. In dividing it up into periods, the term "Keros-Syros" is applied to that from around 2700 BC to 2300 BC. If we turn from prehistoric to historical times, we at once note the presence here too of the Ionians. Clay frying pan shape pottery
In the 6th century BC, Syros was a flourishing island. After the Persian Wars, Syros was an ally of the Athenians.Then followed the rule of the Macedonians, the Romans and the Byzantine rule.

From 1207, the island passed through the hands of many Venetian masters before finally falling to the Turks in 1537. From that period the island followed the history of the other Cycladic islands until its liberation.

The statue to National Resistance at the pier in Ermoupoli
Villa at Dellagrazia oday, Syros is the administrative center of the Cyclades Prefecture. Despite the fact that is the capital of Cyclades from the point of view of the architecture has nothing to do with Cyclades! This "strange" fact taken together with its excellent landscapes and beaches and the proximity to Athens, transformed the island into a very popular tourist center.
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