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milos greece >> People of MilosGoodhearted and cheerful like all the people of the Cyclades, the Milians have developed a multi-faceted temperament that charms visitors from the first moment. Over the years, the difficult living conditions have made them tough, stubborn fighters and hard workers. And the sea has made them open and friendly to strangers. The land of Milos has always offered them its fruits, but not without toil. Valuable minerals in demand all over the world have been extracted with great effort and required processing, but returned a great deal to their owners. milos greece
Plaka, the present capital of Milos island in Greece, was founded in about 1800 when the earlier hilltop settlement of Kastro had outgrown the available space and houses had already spread down to the foot of the hill. The new site was called Plaka because the ground on which the first houses were built was flat. Today Plaka can be seen from many parts of the island and the sea. milos greece.milos greece >> Plaka is beautiful at all times and from all angles

milos greece >> The paving stones of Milos: art and nobilityIn Plaka, traditional architecture dominates, with whitewashed houses and picturesque narrow cobbled streets. Everything is clean and well kept. The yards and balconies of the houses are bright with flowers and greenery. milos greece milos greece >> The paving stones of Milos: art and nobility

milos greece >> Exhibit from the Archaelogical Museum of MilosIn the centre of Plaka is the Archaeological Museum of Milos housed, since 1985, in a beautiful neo-classical building dated from the turn of the century. The Archaeological Museum exhibits cover the history of the island from the Neolithic age to the Post-Christian era. One of the most significant finds exhibited is the Lady of Phylakope, a statuette or rare craftsmanship. milos greee

milos greece >> The Folk Museum of Milos and its interior

A short distance away, in a beautiful old building, is the History and Folk Museum of Milos. On the ground floor are representations of the daily life on Milos from the 16th century onwards. The upper floor houses the historical section of the museum, which is devoted to documents, maps, books and portraits. milos greece

Opposite the folk museum, at the western end of Plaka, is the church of Panaghia Korfiatissa which enjoys a wonderful view of the boundless Aegean. From this point, visitors are enchanted by its marvellous sunsets. On the path towards the Kastro, stands the church of Panaghia Thalassitra, the protector of sailors. A church whose architecture is noteworthy.milos greece >> Thalassitra: twilight

milos greece >> Kastro, on the summit of the hillKastro, the Venetian town of Milos is no longer inhabited. The few houses that remain are in ruins, although some of them are slowly being restored. From the church of Mesa Panaghia or Skiniotissa which according to the tradition took its name from an icon of the Virgin Mary that was found in a mastic bush (skinos) you can enjoy the the panoramic view of almost all the island and the open horizon. milos greece. milos greece >> Mesa Panaghia at the top of the castle

milos greece >> AdamantasAs the boats enters the port in an inlet on the great bay, a picturesque little town Adamantas - the first we see on Milos, unfolds before us. Its natural harbour, deep and sheltered from the north winds, is one of the largest in the whole Mediterranean. Today is the business, social and tourist centre of the island, offering visitors all the comforts they need for a pleasant holiday. As for the nightlife, the bars and clubs make every effort to maintain the high spirits of the liveliest customers.

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