Kimolos: The Silver Island

General view of Kimolos

Kimolos has another way of life: simple and cleanKimolos, with what one poet has called its "glistening water", is less than half an hour away by caique from Pollonia. Its name in Greek brings to mind that necessary complement to the school blackboard - chalk!

Kimolos is as white as one would imagine, and the rocks that contain this chalk lend a dazzling light to the island. Kimolos is ideal for anyone who wants to escape the pressures of modern city life, to relax at one of its beautiful sandy beaches enjoying its clear water, surrending willingly to the warm caress of the sun and I the cool sea breeze.

The church of St. John ChrysostomIt is an island with countless caves - some well known others yet to be explored - which conceal the history of thousands of years in their depths. This island was a pirates' lair for centuries. They would spend the cold winter months here in riotous feasting on the booty they'd collected on their destructive raids. The island with the shining coasts, which shimmers when seen from a distance, was called "Argentiera" (Silvery) by seamen in the Middle Ages who saw it from their boats. This enchanting island, always bathed in sunshine and lapped by the sea, patiently awaits for visitors who come to explore, and charms them with its great serenity.

The lonely windmills add picturesque details to the view of KimolosIn Plaka, traditional architecture dominates, with whitewashed houses and picturesque narrow cobbled streets. Everything is clean and well kept. The yards and balconies of the houses are bright with flowers and greenery.

Sunset at KimolosKimolos recalls the simplicity of a forgotten way of life. Far from the throngs of tourists, it is perfect for quiet holidays. The hospitable and open-hearted islanders will do all they can to make visitors feel at home. At the end of a pleasant day's walk among the sights of the town, or after a swim at one of the deserted beaches, one can enjoy an ouzo and appetizers at a quaint cafe/taverna. As for the nightlife on the island, there is enough variety to satisfy most tastes.

If you've ever wondered what it felt like to be a pirate or Robinson Crusoe, or if you simply want to recover feelings you thought you'd lost, then Kimolos is the place for you. Here you will enjoy unique moments, as long as you leave your senses free to enjoy it.

Photos and text taken
from "Milos - The art of nature"
(Toubis Editions)
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