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The village of Plomari A t a distance of 42 km from the capital Mytilini lies Plomari. Plomari is a historical, traditional village of Lesvos built on the beach and by the side of Sedunda river. At this place there are the biggest ouzo making factories of the whole country, and during summer a lot of tourists visit the village and especially the region of St Isidoros.

Old mansions are located all along the riverside with all their colourful and impressive characteristics, while old marble fountains can still be found at any place of the town. The region of Plomari is full of small settlements and sights the most important of which are Paleochori and its port of Melinda with a wonderful beach.

One of the best beaches of the island lies at Vatera. The beach is 8km long with pure crystal waters and constitutes a pole of attraction for the summer visitors, making the settlement a rapidly developing summer resort.

The area combines natural beauty with historical interest, since at the cape of St Fokas with the homonymous little church have been found ruins of the ancient temple of Dionysus, as well as ruins and other constructions of the old-christian royal period. Moreover it has been said that this area had been one of the bases of operations of Achaeans during the Trojan War.

The beach at Vatera

The village of Petra The village of Petra (Stone), in the north part of the island, is mentioned in the Homers Ilias as the mythical anchorage of Achilles. The settlement is built on the beach and around the famous rock to which it owns its modern name. On the top of the rock is situated the church of "Sweet Kissing" Mary Virgin, built in 1747. Greatly impressive is the festival of the 15th of August at Petra in honor of Virgin Mary, where the strict observance of customs of Lesvos creates an image fascinating for the stranger.

Outside the gulf of Petra, the little islands of St George and of Psira frame one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world than any visitor has to see. There is a good reason for the rapid increase of the number of visitors and at the same for the development of the infrastructure of the area. That's why the beautiful beaches of Petra and Anaxos are filled every summer with people who can still find the calmness at the small villages of Lesvos.

The beach of Anaxos Molyvos
PStill on the north part of the island, we find the village of Molyvos, also known as Mythimna. Molyvos is the most picturesque place of Mytilini and one of the most beautiful mediaeval places that Greece has to show. Climbing on the slope, with the castle as a cover, captivates anyone who faces it for the first time.

Mythimna has been since ancient times the inspiration of the artists and was the birthplace of the famous singer and guitar-player Arion. The town hall of Mythimna shelters a great archaeological collection, open to the public and including exhibits from ancient to roman times.

Molyvos the most picturesque village of Lesvos

At the western part of the island lies Eressos the birthplace of Sapfo. The village adds a picturesque element to the landscape with the stone houses and the big plane tree at the square. The high street leads to the seaport of Eressos, Skala.
The magnificent beach of Eressos The magnificent beach of Eressos The magnificent beach of Eressos
The Skala of Eressos with its wonderful sandy beach, the bars with their wooden platforms on the sand and its high tourist infrastructure has developed into an important summer resort. The cosmopolitan life style of the summer attracts a lot of tourists who enjoy the sun and the sea, as well as the hospitality of Lesvos, in the best possible way. The archaeological museum of Eressos has to show very important findings of the area from the ancient times till the War of Independence of 1821.
The church of Our Lady the marmade Pn the east part of the island, lies Skala Sykamnias, a characteristic fish-village and the northern settlement of the island facing the coastline of Asia Minor. Surrounded by wonderful beaches and one of the most beautiful sunsets, develops into a summer resort.

The special characteristic of Skala Sykamnias is "Our Lady the mermaid", a little church built on a strip of land immersing in the sea. Its name derives from a characteristic wall painting of an unknown popular painter, representing Our Lady with a mermaid tail in a touching binding of religions and traditions.

Photos and text taken
from "Lesvos - The island of Sapfo "
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