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The island of Lefkada belongs to the "Eptanisia", an island complex that lie in the Ionian Sea. Lefkada is the fourth largest island of the Ionian Sea with 23,000 inhabitants and an area of 302,5 square kilometers. The climate of the island is Mediterranean with extensive hours of sunlight daily and hot summer with cool breezes.  View from the beach of Egremnoi
Lefkada Greece
The cape of Lefkatas T he island of Lefkada or Lefkas took it's name from the cape Lefkata, which lies in the most southern part of the island. Huge white rocks form an intense landscape. Here, according to tradition, the lyric poetess Sapfo jumped from the cliffs to end her life and her misfortune love for the handsome Faona.
Lefkas Greece

L efkada is the only island in Greece, which is linked with the mainland by a floating bridge. That way Lefkada island is accessible by car through Akarnania. Lefkada town is 385km from Athens the capital of Greece. There are daily bus routes from Athens to Lefkada. Lefkada is also linked by bus with Thessaloniki (420km) the second most important city in Greece.

You can reach the island from the airport of Aktio, which lies in the mainland in a distance of 25km from the town of Lefkada. Lefkada is also linked by boat with other islands of the Ionian sea like Ithaca and Cephalonia, with frequent routes.

 View from the fishing village of Vassiliki
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Lefkada Island
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