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Hydra Island
Hydra Island

ydra lies between the Saronic and Argolis Gulf and is 37 nautical miles from Piraeus, which are covered by ship in 3 hours and by hydrofoil in half time hour. It has an area of 50 sq. km. and a shoreline of 55 km, with a population of 3000. Hydra Island

Hydra Island he oldest settlement to have been found on the island is Mycenaean. At a later period Hydra was seized by Hermione, which subsequently sold it to Samos. We know of no major historical events here down to the 17th century AD, when the island began gradually to acquire a powerful merchant fleet, which was later at the time of the Napoleonic Wars, to monopolise sea transport throughout the Mediterranean.

hen the uprising against the Turks broke out in 1821, Hydra had a population of 30000 and 150 vessels. The island's wealthy sea-captains fitted out their vessels as warships and spent whole fortunes in order to help in the Struggle. Their feats and the heroism of their crews became a byword throughout Europe. Besides their vessels, the island seamen made use of fireships-small boats loaded with explosives which they brought by night alongside the Turkish vessels and then blew them up. The superiority of the Hydriots and their companions in arms at sea was one of the determining factors in the success of the Greek Revolution.
Hydra Island

Hydra Island oday, Hydra is one of the most cosmopolitan points in the Mediterranean. The fact that Hydra has a unique beauty in its architecture and its landscape, taken together with its proximity to Athens and its important historical interest, have gradually raised the island to the level of an international tourist centre. Undoubtedly, Hydra is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece with a unique atmosphere. Here you can enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

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