A trip to the islet of Gavdos
Gavdos, the southernmost settlement in Europe

The islet of Gavdos is the most southerly landmass in Europe. It lies 28 miles from Crete and 150 from the shores of northern Africa. Gavdos is reached by caique from Chora Sfakion, Paleochora, or Ayia Roumeli. It is triangular in shape, with an area of 37 square kilometres.The 80 inhabitants are shared out between the four hamlets, Kastri (the capital), Vatsiana, Ambelos, and Karaves, a tiny harbour. According to some, this is the mythical Ogygia, Calypso's island, where Homer says Ulysses was shipwrecked. As evidence, the supporters of this theory point to the cave at Errikia, on the north-east cape of the island as the place where Calypso had her palace and kept Ulysses captive for seven whole years.

The climate of the islet is subtropical, quite different from the rest of Greece. The nature endowed this islet making it a real magic place! The primitive and isolated nature of the islet, together with its insuperable sandy beaches shaded by scattered cedars and bushes, the archaeological sites and the magnificent pine and cypress forests, attract numerous visitors each summer, when the quiet aspect of the place changes completely. For that reason, the best period of visiting the island would be anytime except August.
The ruined lighthouse on Gavdos

Gavdos is seductive islet where freedom dominates!
The easy and laid back atmosphere of Gavdos will take you in another world! This piece of land is a real garden of earthly delights. If all you want is a beach to yourself and a taverna to grill your fish, this is the ultimate place for you! Gavdos is waiting to capture you forever like Calypso captured Ulysses!
Come to live your personal myth!

Photos and text taken from "Crete - today and yesterday"
and "Crete - A tour of all the towns and villages"
(Toubis Editions)
Toubis Editions
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