Syndagma Square and the National Gardens

Syndagma Square - the Evzones guards' changing before the Unknown Soldier Monument
syntagma Square is the center of Athens and the location of the Greek Parliament building. The present-day Greek Parliament building was the former Palace of the Kings and it was built between 1834-1838. This three-storey building is constructed of pentelic marble and limestone.

it has Doric style propylaia, both small and large rooms, the Parliament assembly hall, the Parliament library and the offices of the State Council. In front of the Parliament lies a Monument dedicated to the "Unknown Soldier".
The monument is guarded, day and night, by the Evzones. They are soldiers dressed with a traditional Greek uniform. The ceremonial changing of the guard is an impressive sight, especially when seen with the flocks of pigeons flying up and around them.
Syndagma Square - Evzones guards
On the square area are located embassies, ministries, large companies offices, banks and luxury hotels. Syndagma Square is the center of tourism in Athens and many major travel offices are located on the surrounding area.
The National Gardens
next to square are the National Gardens.

The National Gardens were formerly for the exclusive use of the Palace. Now they are open to everyone.

Inside the National Gardens there are flower-beds, little paths, lofty trees, ponds, playgrounds, little bridges, stone and metal kiosks, statues and many benches to rest on.
On the eastern side of the National Gardens, along Herodes Atticus St., is the Presidential Mansion, the residence of the President of Greece.

Inside the area of the National Gardens is located the Zappeion Megaron, a magnificent neoclassical building, which is used as a center for international conferences.

The Doric columns of its facade, its imposing atrium, and the steps up to the main entrance stand out against the dark green of the pathways, making the majesty of the building even more apparent.

Athenians love to stroll in the area around the Zappeion.
The Zappeion
Its little paths are where groups of Athenians hold sessions of their outdoor Parliaments, talking about politics and attempting to solve the country's and sometimes the world's problems.
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