Lycabettus and Kolonaki
Kolonaki, the oldest and most aristrocratic section of the modern city of Athens
the Chic Square of Athens is Kolonaki, officially known as Philikis Etaireias Square. Some of the most fashionable stores in Athens are located on Kolonaki square and the surrounding streets, along with many pastry-shops, cafeterias and bistros which are crowded all day long.

The Gennadios Library is on Soudias St., and specializes in Greek publications after 1453. The excellent Museum of Cycladic Art is housed on Neophytou Douka St.

The funicular railway that goes to the top of Lycabettus is in the Kolonaki area.
lycabettus is always beautiful! You can climb it throughout the year and enjoy the superb view that it offers. You can reach the hill either on foot following the stairs, or by car taking the road that leads to the theater of Lycabettus. But the most romantic way to reach Lycabettus, is with the funicular railway thats starts from Kolonaki and goes all the way to the top (275 m.).

During antiquity the hill was called Aychesmos Lycabettus. During the times of Pausanias, Aychesmos Lycabettus had a statue of Zeus Aychesmios at its summit. Lycabettus hill is mentioned in Aristophanes' "Clouds" and in Plato's "Critias". During the Middle ages there was a chapel to the Prophet Elijah at its summit.
Today there is a chapel to St. George which was built after 1835. On its northwest side is a cave with the small church of St. Isidore. During the summer, the Lycabettus theater hosts various theatrical performances and concerts.
Lycabettus Hill as seen in the evening from Syndagma Square
It is a spacious theater with 5,000 seats and occupies one of the most inspiring and idyllic sites in Athens.
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