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aegina The picturesque port of Aegina immediately gives the visitor the feeling of being on an island. The breakwater with its chapel, the old houses, the little boats, the caiques, the busy waterside-all make up a cheerful picture that puts the visitor in a mood to enjoy the island.The town of Aegina has much for the visitor to see, like the Archaeological Museum, the remains of the ancient temple of Apollo near the harbour, the cathedral and the first Greek Governor's residence.

aegina The church of St. Theodore lies one and a half kilometres outside the town, dating from the 13th century and is decorated with fine wall-paintings. There are a number of sights to visit outside the town. First and foremost among these is the world famous Temple of Aphaia (11 km. east of Aegina town), dedicated to an ancient godess who was the protectress of the island. The temple is made in the Doric style and was built after the Battle of Salamis (480 BC). It stands on an idyllic site with a view out over the sea, with the shores of Attica in the distance. If one draws imaginary straight lines linking this temple with the Parthenon and the temple of Poseidon on Cape Sounion, the result is an almost equilateral triangle whose vertices gaze at each other. .

aegina In Aegina island we find charming villages that attract many visitors during the summer season. First of all is Agia Marina a vivid resort that lies beneath the temple of Afaia. Agia Marina is a summer resort with hotels and rooms accomodation and full tourist facilities. The landscape here is really faschinating full of pine trees and small rocky bays ideal for swimming, snorkelling and relaxing sunbath. Souvala is another charming coastal village that offers tourist facilities. In the small fishing village of Perdika you will enjoy delicious sea-food at the taverns in the picturesque little harbor. There are also beaches on the island's northern coast, as for instance at Vaia, as well as on the west coast, like Faros and Marathonas. The island of Aegina guarantees you a pleasant vacation! .


aegina >> Angistri IslandThree nautical miles to the west of Aegina lies the charming and verdant islet of Angistri with its 400 permanent residents and sparklingly clean sea. It can be reached by regular daily services from Piraeus, and from Aegina itself. The island is well supplied with hotels and is a popular resort in summer. They are dense groves of pines and picturesque coves. Its small harbour is on the west side. Most of its settlements are also there while the east side is still far from tourist activity. There one can enjoy his swim in peace. Don't miss it! .

Photos and text taken
from "Aegina - History-Art-Folklore-Routes"
(Toubis Editions)
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