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Aegina Island

Aegina lies in the centre of the Argosaronic Gulf and has an area of 85 sq. km., a shoreline of 57 km and a population of 11,000. The island lies only 16 nautical miles away from Piraeus and the crossing by the ships or ferries, which provide a daily service, takes only an hour. There are also the "flying dolphin" hydrofoils, which cut this time down to half an hour.From here, you can go in every destination in the Argosaronic Gulf and even in Peloponnese. Aegina Island

AeginaMythology tells us that the first king of the island was the hero Aecus, son of Zeus and the nymph Aegina, who renamed the island.The island was inhabited in the Neolithic period, as can be seen from the finds at Kolona, near the town of Aegina, which date from around 3000 BC. Later, the Minoans came to the island, to be followed by the Achaeans and the Dorians. From the middle of the second millenium BC, Aegina began to develop its trade and at the same time emerged as a strong naval power. Ships carried the products of the island, chiefly ceramics, to the Cyclades, Crete and mainland Greece.

It reached the zenith of its development during the 6th century BC, when, as an independent power, it was the first city in Greece to mint coins. In spite of the fact that Aegina was a rival of Athens, it helped the Athenians in their victory against the Persian fleet at the Naval- Battle of Salamis. The Athenians, who had never trusted it, finally seized the island in the mid of the 5th century BC. The subsequent history of the island follows roughly the same course with the rest of Greece. The island made an important contribution to the struggle against the Turks in 1821, and Aegina was the seat of the first Greek government, under Kapodistria, before being succeded in this role by Nafplio.

Aegina is a pinecovered island with beautiful beaches, pictuesque villages, very important historical monuments and modern tourist facilities. Today Aegina, due to its proximity to Piraeus, has became a place that attracts many Athenians during the weekends, but is also a very popular destination for many tourists. The beautiful landscapes, the inviting sea and the enormous historical interest make Aegina an ideal place for your vacation!

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